Simon Bindefeld - Software engineer, analyst, and starter human being

I’m Simon Bindefeld, a software engineer, analyst, and human being. I’m currently working on the Ethereum ecosystem, and I’m passionate about optimizing code, and building tools that empower and add value for people. I’ve helped companies sell products and raise aggregated $25M+. I’ve built tools that have been used by thousands of people.

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A spotlight of some of my favorite things I've made

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. I share no affiliation with any of these projects beside Sleepy Sloth Society.

  • Astaria

    Astaria is a decentralized nft loan protocol led by former CTO of Sushiswap Joseph Delong. I was brought on to help around the stack and contributed towards the frontend and the merkle proof service.

  • Champs Only

    Champs Only is one of the most successful alpha groups in the NFT space. I was brought on to handle the staking contract and subscription contract.

  • Arties Ltd.

    Arties Ltd. is a VC-Backed Swiss Company that aims to create a physically backed NFT platform. I was brought on to handle the 3 suite smart contract stack and frontend advisement.

  • Titanforge

    Titanforge is a RPG NFT project with questing, staking, and more. I created the smart contract diamond upgradable stack and backend as well as the web3 integration for frontend.

  • CyberGorillas

    One of the first and most successful P2E Ecosytems on the Ethereum blockchain. I was the lead developer for the staking contract migrations and the CyberKings release.

  • Sleepy Sloth Society

    One of the first NFT Projects that released back in 2021. I was the sole developer for the project and was responsible for the entire stack.

  • Loomi Heads

    A unique art collection. After performing audits I was brought on to handle the minting contract and frontend.

  • Celephais

    Celephais is a unique art collection that had a dual mint system. Users could mint with ETH or with a custom ERC20. I handled full-stack development for the project.

  • Wealthy Tedz

    Wealthy Tedz is a Spanish entrepreneur led project. I was responsible for the smart contract stack and frontend advisement. I created a referral system, mint contract, and a liquidity staking contract.

  • Hipporium x Franck Dubarry

    Hipoprium was created in collaboration with famous watch brand Franck Dubarry. I created systems that allowed users to mint a physical watch token as an NFT.